DESCRIPTIONADELINE GERMAIN precious leather accessories is an exquisite and chic luxury-brand from the french designer Adeline Krautschneider-Germain, producing handmade leather goods like handbags, clutches, waist belts and jewellery as cuffs, bracelets and bangles made out of sustainable eco-friendly exotic fish, snake and embossed calf leather. Adeline loves the versatile and fashionable texture of fish leather: arapaima, salmon and eel or and snake leather: python, sunbeam and watersnake. Adeline GermainFish LeatherSnake LeatherFish leather HandbagsSalmon leatherEel leatherArapaima leatherPirarucu leatherPython leatherWatersnakeSunbeamSustainable fashion accessoriesEco-Friendly leather accessoriesClutchShopperWaist BeltAccessories Bracelets CuffBangles24/7