Adeline Krautschneider-Germain

Adeline is French. She grew up in Africa and in the Caribbean. She studied journalism and photography in Paris and San Francisco before making her way to Australia and Bali. Today she lives in Vienna with her husband and her two kids.

She began her fashion career as fashion photographer assistant in Paris.

Together with her sister she launched the beach accessories brand SAINT SISTAS, known for its exuberant glam-rock design. Their glamourous fans included Rihanna and Pink.
2013She decided to create and distribute her own design launching high quality luxury leather goods including handbags, small leather goods and jewelery.

Her style is authentic, relaxed, simple and very chic. She is a real pioneer using specific fish leather showing support for hardworking fishing communities and promoting sustainable products.

„I put my heart and soul into my bags, I want them to look fabulous and at the same time to be very practical and easy to wear. My African and my Caribbean roots are a huge source of inspiration. They influence the colors, the textures, the material I use. I want my creations to be eclectic, daring and fun.“